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Namaste India!

Namaste India is a show unlike any other on radio today. This show, which airs Tuesday from 6-8pm on The Lab, is dedicated to introducing Iowa residents to Indian music and culture. DJ Jostna Dash explores Indian culture and allows the listener to understand the importance of Indian music.

Inspiring iconic bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Indian music has a sound that cannot be mistaken. Often using instruments like the sitar, artists transport the listener to a culture rich society most Americans are very unfamiliar with.

Dash started her radio career in fall of 2010 as part of the News staff as well as The Lab. Dash’s passion for Indian music started because of her own culture and love for Bollywood films, especially actor Shah Rhuk Khan, which she says is the “Indian equivalent to Johnny Depp.” Dash’s favorite artist is A.R. Rahman who she also says would be her ideal guest to have on Namaste India!

Full of color and personality, Indian music can put the saddest individual in a great mood. If you want to hear culture rich music that makes you get up and dance, tune in to Namaste India!

For more information on Namaste India! Check out their Facebook Page.