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Just let him dunk!

3 time MVP LeBron James soars high for another fantastic dunk.
3 time MVP LeBron James soars high for another fantastic dunk.

What is so wrong with dunking in pre-game warm-ups? Normally that would not be a problem because almost everyone does it. Just because three times MVP LeBron James does it the most, it causes a huge controversy. All James wants to do is have fun but everyone just wants to take all the fun away from him.

The reason why this is such a huge deal is because of the fact that LeBron James would not participate in the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. In a past couple of years, everybody has been complaining on how bad the Slam Dunk Contest has not been any good. When you see LeBron in warm-ups before the game he puts on a show. The dunks that he does are just incredible. Therefore, it is causing fans and analyst to criticize James because of the fact that James’ warm-ups dunks are Slam Dunk Contest material.

Why is that such a big problem? Yes, LeBron is a great dunker but he is not the only person who always avoid during the Slam Dunk Contest. A lot of the best NBA dunkers do not participate in the Slam dunk contest. Just to name a few: Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, DeAndre Jordan, Dwayne Wade, and John Wall. These are just a few of the best dunkers in the NBA. Yet, all of them dunks in pre-game warm-ups but not of them get criticize for not doing the Slam Dunk Contest. Yes, James does do amazing dunks in the pre-game warm-ups, and so does everyone else. In addition to that, they even do outstanding dunks during the game, so why no criticism for them for not being a part of the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

On bright side of this, LeBron did say he will not stop his pre-game dunk routine, and I am happy with that. No matter where you at and you see someone dunks you are going to get pump. So just let the man dunk, he having fun and putting on a show for Miami Heat fans. His dunks bring a smile on someone face, is there something wrong with that?