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The Battle of the Brothers

A year ago it was just two field goals that kept brothers Jim and John Harbaugh from leading their respective teams into the Super Bowl. Many believed that there was a possibility that the two brothers could meet in the Super Bowl this season, but it was all just speculation. At the end of the final game on Sunday both of the Harbaugh brothers had successfully lead their teams victory and solidified themselves a spot in New Orleans on February 3rd for the 47th Super Bowl.

Jim and John Harbaugh will face each other in the Super Bowl in New Orleans on February 3rd.

Big brother John will look on Super bowl Sunday to use the experience his Baltimore Ravens bring to the table to try and shut down his younger brother Jim’s red hot San Francisco 49ers and their young and explosive quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  The 49ers will throw a lot of different looks at the Ravens on the 3rd and if they’re not ready the Ravens will get burnt.

However, lining up across the ball from Kaepernick will be a couple of NFL legends on the Ravens defense headed by Ray Lewis.  Lewis a man who for 17 years has played with intensity, emotion, and a brilliant football mind should be able to make sure that he and the rest of his teammates are in the right place and don’t get fooled by any of the read option plays the 49ers like to run.

There is a great story line to the game already with both teams head coaches being brothers, and the media will go crazy with that but for me, the real story is Ray Lewis vs. Colin Kaepernick and whether the young, inexperienced yet extremely athletic quarterback can beat out the aging, yet intense and very very wise through years of experience legend Ray Lewis.

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