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“The Nutcracker” Brings Christmas Cheer @ Englert Theatre — 12/1/12

Dozens of small children and their families eagerly filed into the Englert Theatre on Saturday afternoon. Although the ground remained green and snow free, the Christmas spirit filled the air. It was Dec. 1 and that only meant one thing: The Nutcracker had come to Iowa City.

The theatre filled with a variety of students, families, and community members, who all took their seats just in time for the orchestra to play at 2:00 PM. When the curtain rose, it was certainly a sight to behold. The actors, adorned in brilliant, sparkly costumes, used fabulous facial expressions as they danced their way across the stage.

The feeling was ethereal — the music swelled when moments were tense and lulled when the mood was calm; Tchaikovsky’s genius was made evident from the start. The synchronization was phenomenal, as were the special effects. Three life-sized toys were pulled out of a box, a nutcracker came to life, and a Christmas tree magically doubled in size.

Throughout the course of her journey, Clara encountered people from all over the world. Children, snowflakes, and angels danced with her, but eventually it was time for her to go. In the mesmerizing and touching final scene, Clara waved goodbye to her newfound friends and held her toy nutcracker. She then fell asleep, dreaming of her spellbinding adventure.

Christmas is now only twenty-two days away, readers — get excited and find a chance to see The Nutcracker. It truly is a captivating and unforgettable experience.