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Women’s Basketball Roasts the Redbirds


The Hawkeyes faced the Illinois State Redbirds on Sunday in their second game this season. Coming into the game with one win already under their belt, the Hawkeyes were in good spirits. Their confidence was easy to see, as Iowa won the beginning tipoff against the Redbirds. The high energy and fast pace were evident from the first tip.

Illinois State scored first resulting in what would be their only lead throughout the entire game, 2-0. Just 2:34 into the game, Iowa’s Melissa Dixon really got the crowd going when she hit a three-pointer, and ten minutes in, Dixon hit another to give the Hawkeyes a 20-12 lead. Iowa would then extend their lead to 26-16.

Throughout the first half, the Hawkeyes were successful in stopping Illinois State defensively. With fouls plaguing the Redbirds, twenty-three points can be attributed through free throws for the Hawkeyes in the first half. The score at intermission was 39-29 Iowa.

Midway through the second half, the Hawks made a great steal in their defensive zone and ended up capitalizing on their effort making the score 56-39. With 5:13 left in the half, Iowa’s Theairra Taylor made a three-point basket to excite the crowd once again.

In the second half, Iowa ended up giving Illinois State quite a few turnovers, but the Redbirds could not catch up to the Hawkeyes. Iowa proved this in the final minutes of the game when Kayla Timmerman hit another three-pointer for the team.

Iowa looked sharp on the court and exercised great determination throughout the game. The Hawkeyes finished off Illinois State, coming away with a 74-64 victory.