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Possible QB Changes?

Michael Vick and Mark Sanchez obviously have not performed the way Eagles and Jets fans had hoped they would this year.  Through the first seven games of the Eagles’ season, Vick has thrown eight interceptions and fumbled the ball six times, though only three have been turned over to the opposing team. Head coach Andy Reid stated that Vick will remain the starter for now.  If the Eagles were to turn to a different option, it appears rookie Nick Foles from the University of Arizona would take over.

Michael Vick’s performance through week 8 has not lived up to people’s expectations but will he be benched? (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

As bad as Vick has been and as bad as the Eagles as a whole have been, they are still sitting in second in the NFC East at 3-4.  That being said, would you really want to take an experienced guy like Michael Vick out of the starting line-up and insert a rookie who has never thrown a pass in a regular season game?  Now, if Vick continues to struggle and the Eagles fall farther and farther down the standings in the East then I would not be surprised to see Nick Foles enter considering Vick is 32 years old and on the decline.

Mark Sanchez is feeling a different pressure than Vick because his back-up isn’t an unproven rookie, it’s Tim Tebow.  Tebow has proven that he is a winner at both the University of Florida and last year with the Denver Broncos.  Some may call it luck, but it doesn’t matter how you win as long as you do.  Sanchez has thrown eight interceptions in the Jets’ first eight games and after the 30-9 stomping the Miami Dolphins laid on them, people are asking for a change.

“Inaccurate” is the word people have been using to describe Mark Sanchez up to this point in the season.  Well, if inaccuracy is the problem then why are people calling for Tim Tebow to become the starter?  We’re talking about a guy that is historically the most inaccurate passer in the NFL.  You never know if the ball is going in the dirt or in the stands with Tebow, he’s so unpredictable.  However, people want Tebow because he’s a winner, its as simple as that.

With Tim Tebow as the back up option for the New York Jets, the team has the option to replace Sanchez with a quarterback with NFL experience. (Rich O’Neill/ NYSD)

Personally, I think a QB change in Jet country would be a terrible decision because you’d have to take everything you’ve been working on through these first eight weeks of the season and completely flip it upside down to accommodate Tebow.  I don’t see any QB changes coming in the near future for the Eagles or the Jets.  It would simply be too risky.

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