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Mission Creek Daily Preview: Wednesday

Article by Kendall McCabe, Utopia Park video by Alexa Squire

If you’re hard-pressed for cash this Mission Creek week, look no further than KRUI’s home base for the week, Public Space One. At 6 PM, Muscle will take the stage, followed by Olsen Twinns. Finally, Fairfield, Iowa brothers Dominic and Philip Rabalais will put on the happy heart attack/dance party/spiritual awakening musical act that they call Utopia Park.

Recommended Track: “So Long Silly Rabbit” by Utopia Park, as performed at the 2011 KRUI Mission Creek Lounge


  • What: Muscle, Olsen Twinns, Utopia Park
  • Where: Public Space One
  • Time: 6 PM
  • Cost: FREE

Magnetic Fields
The Magnetic Fields
If easygoing indie pop is more your style, look no further than The Magnetic Fields at the Englert Theatre. Stephin Merritt’s trademark condescending baritone is both beautiful and, at times, hilarious. The group’s lyrics are the crowning jewel, as they are excessively clever and detailed. The group’s latest single “Andrew in Drag”, for example, twists gender in a unique way, “I’ll never see that girl again/ he did it as a gag./ I’ll pine away forever more/ for Andrew in drag.”

Recommended Track: “Andrew In Drag” by The Magnetic Fields


  • What: The Magnetic Fields with Kelly Hogan
  • Where: The Englert Theatre
  • Time: 8 PM show
  • Cost: $30 reserved seating in advance, $32 reserved seating at the door

After The Magnetic Fields, festival goers must make a choice. Though eager audience members should be able to attend both the Public Space One and Englert shows without much trouble, 9 PM presents a showdown between folk, metal, and electro-rock.

For the easygoing folk lovers, The Mill’s show with Douglas Kramer Nye, Denison Witmer, and William Fitzsimmons will be your best bet. Local Doug Nye will perform earnest, Dylan-esque compositions. Denison Witmer, followed by William Fitzsimmons will fingerpick their way into listeners’ hearts with each of their unique, “neofolk” tunes.

Recommended Track: “The Tide Pulls From the Moon” by William Fitzsimmons


  • What: Douglas Kramer Nye, Denison Witmer, William Fitzsimmons
  • Where: The Mill
  • Time: 9 PM show, 19+ after 10 PM
  • Cost: $15

Fans of hardcore punk will prefer the scene at Gabe’s, where Erase Errata will be playing. Heavy on energy and attitude, the San Francisco group is known for putting on jaw-dropping performances. And with a huge list of openers — T’Bone, Muscle Drum, Supersonic Piss, and Slut River — the show is sure to bring back memories of your high school punk bands, only better.

Recommended Track: “Damaged” by Erase Errata

  • What: T’Bone, Muscle Drum, Super Sonic Piss, Slut River, Erase Errata
  • Where: Gabe’s
  • Time: 9 PM show, 19+ after 10 PM
  • Cost: $8-10

Meanwhile, at the Yacht Club, Iowa City’s own electronic/jazz/rock quartet Slip Silo will perform with Fairfield, Iowa-based Surgery, a group which plays Depeche Mode inspired electro-rock. Rounding out the show, the awe-inspiring progressive rock of El Ten Eleven will captivate listeners.

Recommended Track: “Indian Winter” by El Ten Eleven

  • What: Slip Silo, Surgery, El Ten Eleven
  • Where: Yacht Club
  • Time: 9 PM show, 19+ after 10 PM
  • Cost: $8-10