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UI Student Strives To Be Next Eco-Star


By KRUI News Reporters Emily Woodbury and Lauren Siebert

Elliott Beenk is an engineer, entrepreneur, and an avid musician. There are few aspects of the sustainability movement with which Beenk hasn’t been involved. Currently Beenk is investigating biomass opportunities to meet 2020’s renewable energy targets as an intern at the University of Iowa Office of Sustainability. In addition, he is finishing his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and starting his Master’s in Environmental Engineering this spring. His sustainability work focuses primarily on academia, music, and consulting.

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KRUI News Reporters Emily Woodbury and Lauren Siebert sat down with Beenk to discuss his passions, projects and what it would mean for him to be chosen as the next Eco-Star.

Listen to the interview below:


Beenk’s video application can be found on his YouTube page here. For more information on the Next Eco-Star contest, visit their website here.