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2012 B1G Wrestling Tournament: Day 1 Recap

Team Standings after Day 1:
1. Minnesota: 117
2. Iowa: 112.5
3. Penn State: 111
4. Illinois: 81.5
5. Ohio State: 76
6. Northwestern: 61.5
7. Nebraska: 56.5
8. Michigan: 50
9. Purdue: 47.5
10. Indiana: 35.5
11. Michigan State: 35.5
12. Wisconsin: 9

The Iowa Hawkeyes have 6 wrestlers in the championship bout tomorrow afternoon (McDonough, Ramos, Marion, St John, Evans, and Telford) and are in a very good position to take a commanding lead in the scoring. Minnesota has 5 wrestlers in the Championship, and Penn State has 3. Penn State has a great chance to score bonus points tomorrow with 5 wrestlers in consolation brackets, wrestling for 3rd place, with Minnesota and Iowa only having 4 and 2. The championship bouts will decide a great deal as to how the tournament results end up, but bonus scoring is always essential.

Finals Match: #1 McDonough (Iowa) v. #2 Sanders (MN)
Bout 121: #7 Eppert (PU) dec. #6 DiJuilius (OSU) 8-3
Winner will Wrestle: #4 Delgado (IL)
Bout 122: #5 Mele (NU) M dec. Hietpas (WI) 12-0
Winner will Wrestle: #3 Megaludis (PSU)

McDonough and Sanders have wrestled twice this year. Both times McDonough proved to be the better wrestler and beat Sanders handily. McDonough struggled in his semi-final match against Delgado and Sanders should be gunning for him. The Gophers and Hawkeyes both need a victory here to get off to a great start in the Championship round.

Finals Match: #1 Steiber (OSU) v. #2 Ramos (Iowa)
Bout 125: #7 Kiley (NE) M dec. #6 Stevens (MI) 11-2
Winner will Wrestle: #5 Quiroga (PU)
Bout 126: #4 Dardanes (MN) dec. #8 Martellotti (PSU)7-3
Winner will Wrestle: #3 Futrell (IL)
Iowa needs Ramos to come out like a spark plug. It’s safe to say that most Hawkeye fans should be confident that McDonough can get them in the lead, but Ramos and Marion will need to step it up huge to keep the momentum going.

Finals Match: #1 Russell (MI) v. #3 Marion (Iowa)
Bout 129: #6 Thomas (IL) dec. Nelson (PU) 13-9
Winner will Wrestle: #4 N. Dardanes (MN)
Bout 130: #5 Sueflohn (NE) dec. #8 Pearsoll (PSU) 5-3
Winner will Wrestle: #2 Stieber (OSU)

Kellen Russell seems unbeatable, but Montell Marion has incredible skills and talent and has proven that he can wrestle with anybody. This finals match should be a lot of fun to watch because Iowa will need to win this one in order to remain in the hunt.


Finals Match: #1 Molinaro (PSU) v. #3 Ness (MN)
Bout 133: #6 Walsh (IN) dec. #7 Terrazas (IL) 2-0
Winner will Wrestle: #4 Lopouchanski (PU)
Bout 134: #5 Tessari (OSU) M dec. #8 Friedley (NU) 15-1
Winner will Wrestle: #2 Grajales (MI)

Frank “The Tank” Molinaro has not struggled with anybody, getting a technical fall in his semi-finals match over Lopouchanski. This is another huge match between two of the teams at the top of the team standings.


Finals Match: #1 Welch (NU) v. #6 St John (Iowa)
Bout 137: #3 Green (NE) dec. #7 Churchard (PU) 9-6
Winner will Wrestle: #4 Jones (MSU)
Bout 138: #5 Demas (OSU) F: 6:04 #8 Morse (IL)
Winner will Wrestle: #2 Dylan Alton (PSU)
St John has been injured all year and has not put up gaudy stats or a record, but there is no question that the kid from Iowa City West is ready to wrestle. He will be tested by #1 Seed Jason Welch of Northwestern.


Finals Match: #1 Taylor (PSU) v. #2 Evans (Iowa)
Bout 141: #7 C. Yohn (MN) dec. #6 Yates (MI) 7-2
Winner will Wrestle: #5 Polz (IL)
Bout 142: #8 Harger (NU) dec. 5-3 SV1 Cheza (MSU)
Winner will Wrestle: #3 Kokesh (NE)

David Taylor has been the most dominant wrestler of the tournament, not even sniffing a competitive match. He should get that with Evans in the Championship bout on Sunday.


Finals Match: #1 Ruth (PSU) v. #2 Storley (MN)
Bout 145: #9 Munster (IN) M dec. #6 Jacobs (MSU) 9-1
Winner will Wrestle: #5 Heflin (OSU)
Bout 146: #8 Blanton (IL) dec. #4 Zeerip (MI) 3-2
Winner will Wrestle: #3 Lofthouse (Iowa)

A classic 1 vs. 2, Penn State vs. Minnesota bout for the championship. Lofthouse narrowly lost to Storley and he is wrestling very well. Look for him to continue those efforts in the consolation bracket.


Finals Match: #1 Steinhaus (MN) v. #3 Ihnen (NE)
Consolition/Wrestle-Back: #1 Steinhaus (MN) v.
Bout 149: #7 Dallago (IL) Fall :23 #6 Atwood (PU)
Winner will Wrestle: #5 Gambrall (Iowa)
Bout 150: #8 Hinton (MSU) F 3:54 #5 Magrum (OSU)
Winner will Wrestle: #2 Wright (PSU)

Grant Gambrall wrestled Steinhaus extremely tough in the semi-finals and Wright did the same with Ihnene. The match there should be as interesting as the Championship bout.

Finals Match: #5 Gonzalez (IL) v. #2 Powless (IN)
Bout 153: #6 Campolattano (OSU)M dec. #7 Nakashima (NE)
Winner will Wrestle: #8 Kissel (PU)
Bout 154: #1 S. Yohn (MN) dec. #4 Huntley 2-0
Winner will Wrestle: #3 McIntosh (PSU)

The most interesting match outside of the championship bout tomorrow for this class will be McIntosh and Yohn. Sonny Yohn had a disappointing start to the tournament, but he has come back with a vengeance and is trying to give his Gophers a fighting chance in the team race.


Finals Match: #1 Nelson (MN) v. #6 Telford (Iowa)
Bout 157: #10 Andrus (MSU) dec. #12 Tobin (WI) 4-2
Winner will Wrestle: #5 McMullan (NU)
Bout 158: #7 Chalfant (IN) dec. #4 Lane (NE) 11-7
Winner will Wrestle: #2 Wade (PSU)

Telford with a huge surprise victory over Cameron Wade of Penn State will face off against Nelson for the B1G title tomorrow.


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