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Day 1: B1G Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships

the CRWC Olympic-size pool

By Sam Kienzle

Last Saturday we wrapped up the 2012 B1G Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships in Iowa City.  Today, February 22nd, the 2012 B1G Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships began with two events here at the University of Iowa’s Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

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Through those two events, Michigan has the lead with 80 points, followed by Ohio State (66.0), and Indiana (60.0).

the CRWC Olympic-size pool
Moments before Heat 1 of the men’s 800 Yard Freestyle Relay (Sam Kienzle/KRUI).

Below are the standings of the 10 teams involved (Nebraska and Illinois do not have men’s swimming).  Also listed below are the results of today’s events: the 200 Yard Medley Relay and the 800 Yard Freestyle Relay.

Team Standings after Day 1

1. Michigan (80.0 points)
2. Ohio State (66.0)
3. Indiana (60.0)
4. Minnesota (54.0)
5. Wisconsin (54.0)
6. Penn State (52.0)
7. Northwestern (50.0)
8. Iowa (48.0)
9. Purdue (32.0)
10. Michigan State (26.0)

Day 1, Event 1: Men 200 Yard Medley Relay

1. Michigan (1:25:58) *Pool record
2. Penn State (1:25:61)
3. Ohio State (1:25:62)
7. Iowa (1:27:16)

Day 1, Event 2: Men 800 Yard Freestyle Relay

1. Michigan (6:16:28)
2. Ohio State (6:24:39)
3. Minnesota (6:25:60)
5. Iowa (6:28:59)

Michigan wins event, second Ohio State and third Minnesota
Award ceremony for the 800 Yard Freestyle Relay (Sam Kienzle/KRUI).

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