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Show Spotlight: Top of the Schnapps


Top of the SchnappsTop of the Schnapps








By Melissa Messer

It began as an inside joke on another show, and came to fruition through a scheduling mishap. Every Thursday night at 8, The Lab brings listeners another two-hour installment of the chaotic, hilarious, and somewhat raunchy Top of the Schapps. Hosted by Lab Programming Director Jesse Marks, Top of the Schnapps is, in his words, “a vibrant, honest – I would even go so far as to say beautiful – collage of expression and humanity.  It’s also hardcore.  We tear down the stale conventions of “radio” as prescribed by the petite-bourgeoisie, silence their tepid murmurs, wrench free from their chains and fetters of fear, and instead create an anarcho-syndicalist audio space; all songs are played, all voices are heard.”

Maybe an easier way of looking at both The Lab and Top of the Schnapps is to understand that you never know exactly what you’ll get. If KRUI is Iowa City’s sound alternative, The Lab is Iowa City’s alternative to the alternative. Over the years, many have attempted to define The Lab for purposes of marketing and promotion. It’s no easy task, but perhaps this lack of definition is exactly what defines The Lab. If you had to pick a show to embody the Lab, this just might be it. So if you’re feeling brave, tune in on Thursday nights. You might hear some impromptu karaoke, perhaps a rant or two, and possibly a cuss word, but you will definitely be entertained.

Tune in to Top of the Schnapps every Thursday night at 8 PM on The Lab!