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LIVE BLOG: Iowa v Michigan


By Madeleine Stroth

11:41 AM – It is COLD out there folks! We’re through one and starting up another! Iowa leads Michigan 7-6.  Hawks are hanging with the Wolverines at the 40 yard line.  Hawks manage to keep Michigan at the 40, a 49 yard punt, a 14 yard return for Hyde, and it’s back to the Haweyes at the 20 yard line.  12:13 left in the 2nd.

11:46 AM – Hoke thinks he’s a tough guy with those short sleeves on.

11:54 AM – Hawks at the one yard line, Brad Herman for the touchdown!  Meyer locks in the extra point and it’s 16-6 Iowa with 6:58 til the half.  The Hawkeyes ran 11 plays, rounding up 78 yards.

11:59 AM – Side Note: Marcus Coker has racked up 1,044 yards. He’s the first Iowa RB to accomplish this since Shonn Greene.

12:04 PM – Phew!  No flag.

12:05 PM –  Michigan fumbles, Iowa recovers!  Nielsen sacks and the ball is back at the 30 for the Hawks.

12:08 PM – Ferentz moves for a field goal try… a 42 yard field goal try… against 22 mph wind… BUT, timeout?

12:11 PM – AND IT’S GOOD!  42 yard field goal by Meyer.  Hawks lead 17-6.

12:18 PM – Christian Kirksey!  Michigan within 20, and Kirksey picks up a deflected pass in the end zone for an Iowa interception.  Flag on the play, personal foul against Michigan, Iowa first down.  That’s quite the sight, and I like it!

12:21 PM – Before that awesome play, I was totally distracted by this disgusting matter with Penn State

12: 43 PM – Back in action.  Iowa receives the Wolverines’ kick into the wind.  Bernstine takes it to the 30 for the Hawks, and that’s where we are now.

12:45 PM – A little back and fourth for the Hawks, we’re all the way back at the 32… and Iowa’s punting.  Michigan’s Jeremy Gallon receives and set’s up the Wolverines at the 40.  11:04 left in the 3rd.

12:55 PM – Binns with another pass break up!  His third I believe?  Great energy from the crowd.  A pass lofted high, SHOULD have been an easy pick, but the Wolverine’s do tally up a FG bringing us to 17-9 Iowa in the 3rd with 6:19 to go.

1:18 PM – What a rocket! Top of the 4th and Vandenberg’s pass is complete to McNutt.  That comet had a tail on it.

1:21 PM – Just blame on the wind Vandy. Blame it on the wind.  Ferentz takes a TO.

1:26 PM – Great move with that timeout Ferentz, Coker runs through a giant hole and scores!  Hawks holding a strong lead with 24 points on the board. I-O-W-A!

1:34 PM – Wolverines rally and close the gap.  24-16 Iowa, just under 8 left in the game.

1:39 PM – McNutt 9th catch of the day (a career high) gains 24 for the Hawks and puts them at the 45.  This followed quickly by a gross incomplete pass to Keenan Davis… Now at the 43 thanks to Coker, Hawks are still struggling for that yard… aaaannnd now there’s a flag… on us.  Illegal snap?  Five yard penalty.  Ferentz (James) is not amused… and neither is coach.  Michigan takes a timeout.

1:45 PM – Come oooooonnnn interception!  Please?

1:47 PM – Hawkeyes doing well to hold Michigan back.  An ALMOST really sweet interception from Tanner Miller. I still say it was good…

1:48 PM – Dominic Alvis is down near the 50…  … … being helped off the field now… looks like a knee injury.

1:50 PM – 3:25 to go in the game, Coker and Coker, inching along.  And.. Coker again. Michigan takes a timeout.

1:53 PM – Michigan starts at their 18 yard line.

1:54 PM – Oh… my… Vincent Smith goes down… but not really?  All play stops, but Smith just keeps on running… and running, all the way to the end zone.  Officials call it a touchdown, and every Hawkeye fan is dumbfounded.  Heck, I’m dumbfounded.

1:55 PM – Play under review, Smith’s right elbow found to be down at the 29. Phew.  Dodged a HUGE bullet there Hawks!

1:58 PM – Hawks are catching a serious break with all of these incomplete passes Robinson has been tossing out.

2:00 PM – False start on Michigan, offense was never fully set.  Five yard penalty.  But Roy Roundtree makes the catch for a first down. Wolverines at the 45 as a crazy loud “LET’S GO HAWKS!” chant starts up from the crowd.

2:02 PM – 0:38 seconds left in play, Michigan at the 32.  Iowa takes a 30 second timeout. 24-16 Iowa.

2:04 PM – Defensive holding penalty called against Iowa, 10 yard penalty, automatic first down for Michigan at the 22.  The Wolverines’ Roundtree gains 19 on the play taking them to the 3 yard line.  Michigan takes their final time out.

2:07 PM – First pass, incomplete. Second pass complete, and Hawks get lucky, because it was juuuuust out of bounds.

2:08 PM – Knee is down, but the ball is out… play is under review.  I wonder if the Hawks luck is going to hold up.  0:07 left to play… you can tell people are holding their breath.

2:10  PM – PHEW!  Ruling on the field stands, no goal.

2:11 PM – Hawks get another lucky incomplete… AND Lowery breaks up the last play, INCOMPLETE!   HAWKS WIN!  24-16 HAWKS!