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Interview with Aaron Sherinian on United Nations Foundation


Vice President for Communications and Public Relations at United Nations Foundation, Aaron Sherinian, gave a speech at the University of Iowa’s United Nations Day Fair Oct. 26. His passionate speech included the goals of getting to the root of current ┬ánational and international issues.

The United Nations Day Fair is a milestone for our nation as countries across the world not only celebrate the accomplishments and innovative hard work involved in solving important issues, but develop new solutions to current issues.

A bipartisan poll concluded that 86% of Americans are convinced that in order to solve issues such as hunger, poverty, female empowerment, human rights, and economic development, we the people need to get involved and stand behind the United Nations in one way or another.

The United Nations Foundation builds campaigns and brings the ideas of individuals and resources together with associations such as the United Nations Association of Iowa. Bringing people together with these associations will allow them to rally to help the UN in solving the issues that are of  local, state, national and international importance.

In each city within every 50 states there are United Nations Associations. Sherinian stated that Iowa is very global and has one of the most powerful and passionate UN Associations in the entire nation. Iowans have always been connected to the UN association which dates back to the historically influential icon, Eleanor Roosevelt. The UN Association is a fantastic and ideal way for individuals to get involved and allow their voices to be heard on issues that hold importance to them.

Iowans are very passionate about human rights, seeking an end to slavery and capturing the peace that will put an end to the start of wars. Sherinian stressed the importance that environmental and agricultural sustainability holds for Iowans. “Iowans,” Sherinian says, “are very proud with the state’s innovation of wind energy.”

All across the world, individuals are rallying together with the similar view of promise and hope: “I care, I’m global, I’m going to get involved.”