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PATV: “I Love Iowa City” Film Contest

Yale Cohn
Yale Cohn, host of "Talking With..." on Iowa City's own PATV

Interview by Eric Kuehl

Tomorrow is the deadline for Iowa City Public Access TV’s “I Love Iowa City” Film Contest! KRUI’s own Eric Kuehl interviewed PATV’s Yale Cohn (host of “Talking With…”) about the competition. For more information and details on how to enter, visit PATV’s website.

How long have you worked for PATV? What do you do? Do you enjoy it? What is your role in the contest?

I don’t “work” for PATV. I’m just one of many people in Iowa City who utilize PATV for the tremendous community resource which it is.

Some people make one-off shows, some people work on months or even years-in the making documentaries and full-length films, some people record events and concerts and meetings held throughout the Iowa City area.

Personally, I produce a weekly local issues talk show called “Talking With . . .” which features a wide range of guests from all walks of life who are part of the rich tapestry of interesting people who live, work and are creative in the Iowa City area.

I have been making this show for a little over a year with my producer Tack-Fu and and we have made almost 50 half-hour episodes of television in this time. All of our shows are available online at

I enjoy it more than I could ever possibly describe.

My role in the contest has been primarily one of organization, planning and promotion. I am an associate (non voting) member of PATV’s board of directors and serve on the outreach committee tasked with helping raise PATV’s status and renown in Iowa City by creating events like this which engage and involve the public and help them realize what a wonderful resource PATV is for the community.

What are your feelings about the contest? It sounds like a really cool opportunity for people to show their love for Iowa City. How many years has the contest been around?

I think the contest is a spectacular idea and I hope many many many folks make films for it as well as come out to the screening planned for November 6th. This is the contest’s first year and, if it is successful, we hope it becomes an annual event.

Since anyone other than PATV staff and board members can participate, how many submissions do you expect to get, or have received in previous years? How does the selection process work? What are the judges looking for? Does the audience at the screening get to vote?

The judging panel has not yet been assembled, so I can’t speak to that. The audience at the screening does not get to vote, but that is an interesting idea.

Finally, how many people win, and what are the prizes?

We plan on selecting one winner in each of the five categories. Prizes are still being sought out and gathered as we speak.

Thank you so much for your time!

Thank you.