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Review: She Keeps Bees – Dig On


By L.C. Graf-Juarez

Chill Sunday afternoons, incense burning, music slow, maybe a cigarette or two—it’s all part of the mood that the band She Keeps Bees creates with their 7th released album, “Dig On” the third release to be self-recorded.

“All or None/Dark Horse” opens with strong vocals from Jessica Larrabee, and a great drum beat played out by Andy LaPlant. Larrabee gets low and passionate, giving the song a soothing rhythm; LaPlant only compliments her vocal style with a simple pattern. Perhaps what is most attractive about the song is the pure easiness it possesses. It doesn’t have distractions—ridiculous bass or excessive guitar solos. Just a drum, a tambourine, and one hell of a voice.

In fact, the entire album plays like this. The duo provides a fantastic collection of easy listening quite like Laura Marling. The music is simple but catchy, mostly a symphony of drum pounding with extreme vocal talent. Larrabee has a throat that releases soul, story, and is able to play guitar leads that are reminiscent
of Beck (go ahead, compare a few songs to “Where it’s At”). Larrabee’s deep voice is seductive and powerful. The woman can tell a story, much like Florence Welch and Adele, the pair of lungs she holds makes the entire

Not to say that LaPlant shouldn’t get any credit, it’s tough to match the right sound with something very powerful. Actually, major props to LaPlant who is able to complete Larrabee with the perfect tempo.

All in all, She Keeps Bees will not be disappointing anyone’s lazy weekend any time soon.

Saturn Return by She Keeps Bees