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Review: The Antlers – Burst Apart

The Antlers

The Antlers

By Betsey Richard

In daring to make another record after the heart-wrenching album, Hospice (released August 2009), it is an understatement to say that the Brooklyn band, The Antlers, had a challenging task ahead of them. It is safe to say, however, that their newest album, Burst Apart (released May 10, 2011) will meet most fans’ desires.

Though lead singer Peter Silberman has stated in interviews that he does not want his band to be pigeonholed under the label “sad,” there can be no denying that this album’s beginning is quite cynical, anxious, and overtly negative. In fact, most of the songs are dramatic cries of hopelessness. The fifth track, “Rolled Together,” acts as a mostly instrumental, but tender climax. Two lines are repeated and as they fade out, a horn section comes in creating a darkly beautiful transition to the warmer half of the album. By the last song, the listener has the sense that the singer is slowly on his way to building some sort of a shaky trust in the uncertain future. Utilizing mysterious drum beats, ambient guitars, celestial keyboards and of course, Silberman’s haunting falsetto, the Antlers have made a truly worthy, yet heart-breaking sequel.

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