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Sports Alternative: Shin Kicking

By Taylor Axelson

This type of violence is usually only seen on playgrounds, but it seems that kicking someone else’s shin until they fall down in pain is now actually a sport.

Now boys... play nice. (Photo from

This sport originated at the Cotswold Games in South West England, and thousands of people take part by eating, drinking, watching, and kicking other contestant’s shins through the night.

The rules are very simple:  The contestants simply hold on to each other by their arms or shoulders, and then start to kick until one falls.  Each drop gives the man left standing a point, and the winner is the one who gets two points first.

The contestant’s are allowed to put some hay in their pants, which is supposed to lessen the pain.  The sport really would not be as entertaining if they could wear modern protective gear.

So for all you once upon a time playground bullies out there, Shin Kicking is the sport of your dreams.


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