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The Alternative Factor

alternative factor

By Vanessa Ruiz

alternative factor

Nostalgic for the excess of the 1980’s? Tune in to The Lab every Sunday from 3:00 – 5:00 and let host Gregg Piper take you on a time warp to the decade of acid-wash jeans and Aquanet with his show, The Alternative Factor.

For Piper, the 1980’s were about one thing: fun.

“My audience is anyone who loves fun music,” he says. While he occasionally plays more obscure ‘80s groups like New Order and Depeche Mode, most of the tunes you’ll hear on the show are the lighthearted pop hits of the decade. “Every song has that certain feel to it that can only put you in a better mood than the one before,” says Piper.

To add even more ‘80s flair to the show, Piper includes sound bites from popular TV shows and commercials of the decade, so listeners can re-live the days of “Where’s the Beef?,” the Rubik’s Cube, and the Commodore VIC-20, an early version of the computer advertised by Star Trek’s own William Shatner. Piper also plays clips and trailers from hit movies like Star Wars, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, to complete the ‘80s vibe. “With my show, you won’t need a ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ or even a DeLorean car to bring back those days,” says Piper. “Just give a listen.”