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Review: Colour Revolt – The Cradle

Colour Revolt

Colour Revolt

Colour Revolt will be performing tonight, Tuesday, March 29, at The Mill as part of KRUI’s Pizza Party. There will be free pizza at 7 PM and the show will start at 8 PM.

By Rob Rodriguez

After losing three members and a record label since the release of their debut album, Colour Revolt has made quite the comeback. The Mississippi five-piece now features a new drummer (Daniel Davis of Norma Jean), a new bassist (Hank Sullivant of The Whigs), and of course a second album courtesy of a New Fear/Dualtone records.

The Cradle dropped this past August, and at first listen I found myself instantly reminded of Thin Lizzy’s classic song “Jailbreak.” I’m not sure whether it’s the somewhat casually-delivered vocals of Jesse Coppenbarger (guitar and vocals) or his low and slightly raspy tone that reminded me of a song from 1976, but The Cradle brings elements of fun and pure-driven rock that are certainly comparable.

Songs like “8 Years,” and “She Don’t Talk” bring energy in the form of thick, moderately-distorted guitar riffs. The inclusion of intermittent stop-and-go instrumentation (usually accompanied by high-hat closes or open crashes) is another reoccurring theme helping to create The Cradle’s uppity rock sound.  While most of the album flaunts these more upbeat songs, a good portion of the tracks are slower and more vocally romantic. The harmonization between Coppenbarger and other guitarist/vocalist Sean Kirkpatrick is a beauty and can be heard in “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” throughout the entire album, especially these slower tracks (see “Brought to Life” and “Reno”). The Cradle is a very diverse album that retains its feel-good vibe, and since these boys are known for putting on especially good live shows, it would be in your best interest to see them at Mission Creek.

Colour Revolt – 8 Years by willmcdonald

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