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Bottom 5: Celebration Edition


By Nick Robertson

5. A Chast-izing Affair: The number three BYU Cougars took a big hit this week by losing their top rebounder Brandon Davies. Not because of injuries but because he was dismissed from the team for certain actions that went against BYU’s strict honor code. Davies allegedly admitted to having pre-marital sex, which goes against the honor code. Now I am not writing this because I think the honor code is wrong or because I think it is silly, I have no place in doing so, but this makes the list because of how thoughtless Davies was to not only do the act but admit it as well. I guess this gives a new meaning to the “Just say no” campaign. The Cougars went on to lose their first game with out Davies to the New Mexico Lobos.

I’ll let you come up with your own caption… (photo from


4. Disagreeing to Agree: All day Thursday officials and owners of the NFL and members of the NFLPA work diligently to work out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that sorts out the leagues 9 billion dollar revenue. Unfortunately (and to no ones surprise), the two organizations could not finalize an agreement, so much like any teenager being woken up for school, they asked for a little bit more time, 24 hours to be specific. Now we all know that much like the teenager asking for 5 more minutes, this extra time isn’t really going to make a difference and just draw out the process a little bit longer.

"What's the over/under when we get this done?" (photo via


3. The Miami Lukewarm: I thought Iowa was cold, but it seems the Miami Heat are much colder. After leading 63-45 at the half it looked as though the Heat were going to run away with it. Thanks in part to 17% 3-point shooting and less then desirable defensive play the Heat allowed Orlando to go on a 40-9 scoring run and ultimatly lose the game. Not only is that remarkable from Orlando’s point of view but completely embarrassing for the Heat. For a team that has championship hopes, games like these seem to show them, and the world otherwise.

"Who left the A/C on again?!" (photo from

2. And So It Begins: Many Cubs fans could be seen hitting their heads against stonewalls or throwing any type of hopes for a successful season out the closest proverbial window on Wednesday. Cub’s pitcher Carlos Silva started an altercation with third baseman Aramis Ramirez after a rough first inning where the Cubbies gave up 3 errors, one by Ramirez, as well as two homeruns. Now don’t take this as me putting the death wish on the Cub’s 2011 season, but with things like this happening with in three days of the start of spring practice, October seems to be a very far away.

IT's alright man; there's always next century." (photo from


1. Be Excessive! Be-e Excessive!: As Louisville’s Kyle Kuric dunked the ball with only a few seconds remaining it looked like the Cardinals had cemented a victory over Big East leader Pittsburg on Sunday by making the game a two-possession game. Enter male cheerleader. When given with a great moment to celebrate for their basketball team most cheerleaders choose to do a fist pump or the oh-so-popular hand wave with the awkward step forward, but this cheerleader decides to go one step farther. He picks the ball up and throws it into the air. Now a lot of things had to have been going through his mind at that moment, but I am positive of the one that went through his head when the refs called a technical foul on him for his excessive celebration. Pitt was given two free throws and possession of the ball and a chance to send the game into overtime. The two free throws were made, but luckily for this ball-chucking cheerleader, the three-pointer that Pitt needed to tie the game and send it into over time was missed. Crisis averted.

I’m sure Pitt would have given him season tickets if this had gone the other way. (Photo from Huffington Post) )