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Scope on KRUI

By: Zach Tilly

Friday afternoons are great. Music and free things are better. The SCOPE Show, which airs every Friday afternoon from 3-5, incorporates these axioms to maximum effect. The DJ crew of Emily Kane, Megan Logan, Katie Harrington, Jon Hackbarth, and Rachel Mardoian turn out a diverse weekly playlist while keeping their audience up to date on SCOPE news and, for those lucky, lucky few, giving away tickets to upcoming shows. “It can get a bit crowded,” said DJ Emily Kane, “but we always have fun.”

The SCOPE Show exists primarily as the mouthpiece of SCOPE Productions, U of I’s principal bringer of major concerts and entertainment. “The central focus of the show is to let the community be aware of what SCOPE has going on,” said Kane, adding that the show also provides information on the music scene around Iowa City and beyond. The show, however, is built around the music, rather than pure SCOPE newsiness.

The SCOPE Show’s musical variety, being the collective taste of a 5-DJ ensemble without the constraints of a genre theme, represents a wide survey of what’s new and what’s different in the realm of alternative music. In addition to their own choices, the SCOPE Show crew also provides the listenership with some exposure to artists like Menomena, The Decemberists and The New Pornographers, who will be playing in upcoming SCOPE shows.

Listen to the SCOPE Show, Fridays at 3pm for your chance to win tickets to upcoming SCOPE events and to stay musically informed with Megan Logan, Jon Hackbarth and the rest of the DJ crew. Interested in more SCOPE news? Check out their website at