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Flub-tastic Five: Oak Edition

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By Nick Robertson

I regret to inform the readers that this was suppose to be a bottom ten list but unfortunalty the great minds here at the University of Iowa decided to give me a boat load of work and a couple exams to boot. So here is my bottom five list. If you don’t like it add in your own top 10 in the comments.

5. Bieber Fever?

Much to the dismay and confusion of all who love sports teenage pop start Justin Bieber will suit up for Friday’s celebrity basketball game. I will be looking endlessly for the over under on him getting stiffed by someone who is actually relevant.

4. To Slow…

Cardinals fail to capitalize on resigning their best player before the scheduled deadline. Now they can only sit and wait to see if their most hated rivals in the Chicago Cubs will take their bright and shining star off of their slow shooting hands.

3. Clowney Around.

Jadeveon Clowney made his big decision on where he will be playing football next year. The three choices were between Alabama, Clemson, and South Carolina. Common sense would tell you that Alabama or Clemson would be the best choice for him. But I guess players can be homers as well as he picked his home state school of South Carolina. I know I don’t have a lot of room to talk when deciding where to go to school but if one of the top schools is offering me a scholarship. I think I could be swayed pretty easily.

2. Trigger Happy.

The Indianapolis Colts released Iowa alum Bob Sanders on Friday much to the collected dismay of all Iowa fans. I understand their reasons for his release. He has only played 3 games in the past 2 seasons. Where I find fault in the decision to not trade him for an early draft pick or someone to add depth to their already shallow pool of running backs. It is easy to say that this was a missed opportunity by the usually savvy Colts management.

1. The Tree Bowl.

No one ever doubted the intensity of the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn, also know as the Iron Bowl, but 62 year old die hard Bama fan Almond Updyke took this rivalry way to far. After his beloved Tide feel to the Auburn Tigers he took it upon himself to poison the 104 year old trees on Toomer’s Corner. If that wasn’t bad enough, he had the gal to call in to a local radio station and brag about the act. You kidding me? Here is an idea about how die hard this guy is, he named his daughter Crimson and his son Bear, yeah…that bad. So after the call experts went out and tested the soil for poison and sure enough ole’ Almond wasn’t kidding. His number was traced from his call to the radio station and he was arrested early Thursday morning. Man, and we thought the Cy-Hawk rivalry was serious.