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Mission Creek Preview: The Heavy Heavy

The Heavy Heavy is a UK-based band dedicated to bringing back the soulful sounds of the 1960s. But a group like this really can’t be defined by one genre. They wield a breathtaking mix of psychedelic rock and group harmonies. It’s a beautiful, complex sound that completely revives the peace and love spirit of the mid-century. With a mission to “feel good, and to make other people feel good too,” The Heavy Heavy certainly delivers in their sun-soaked music – the much needed vibe for our slow start to spring.

Image via The Heavy Heavy

This five-person ensemble takes full advantage of their size. They successfully create the big-band sound achieved by iconic groups such as Fleetwood Mac and The Mamas & the Papas. Will Turner and Georgie Fuller lead the band on vocals, but the full power of the group’s four-part harmonies turn their tracks from a listening experience to a spiritual one.

Their first album was released last year with an extended version being added to Spotify just last month. “Life and Life Only (Expanded Edition)” introduces some live versions of their songs, capturing this outstanding group in their raw element. The new release also contains a few covers, including Father John Misty’s “Real Love Baby”, which boasts the band’s full sound and soulful capabilities.

Image via YouTube

The Heavy Heavy will be performing at 5:30pm Saturday evening at Big Grove Brewery. On the last night of Mission Creek, The Heavy Heavy is sure to send us home with warmer hearts and renewed hope for sunny weather. Check out their discography below and stop by for their set this weekend!