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Thanksgiving at KRUI

In essence, Thanksgiving is about gratitude and reestablishing, or abolishing, family ties. That one time of year where we all gorge on a fat bird and breadcrumbs, slathered with gravy. Where we wait till the end to see that pumpkin pie as the finish line. Signaling that soon, we can lock ourselves in our rooms and pass out.

It’s that one traditional holiday that your parents always want to celebrate, so you do it to appease them. Plus, since it’s a national holiday, there’s no work or school. An aura of leisure is in the autumnal air, as it gets colder and colder.

But there’s a constant reminder that Christmas is right around the corner. In the moment, it feels like Thanksgiving is pushed to the side, antiquated almost. Even at the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, everyone wants to see Santa, not some C-list star sing their latest pop song.

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So in honor of this lax holiday that comes and goes quickly like the leaves, KRUI has compiled a playlist filled with songs of thanks, emotional conflict, idleness, community, family, and food. A reminder to allow for moments of connection and joy, and to reflect on the year so far as well. Enjoy the bird and happy holidays.