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Support KRUI’s Future!

Tonight, March 12th, the University of Iowa Student Government will discuss and vote on a bill which will provide KRUI with the funding necessary to replace our equipment if it is passed.

Our equipment is growing more outdated by the year, and if it breaks in the near future we will not have the financial ability to fix it. We need help soon, or the station’s livelihood will be in jeopardy. This bill is the key to KRUI staying alive and continuing to help its members find their voice.
We have fought for this funding before, and are doing it again now.

This college radio station has helped its members refine the skills they will need in their future careers, realize their goals for the future, and has created a community of students and community members who care about raising recognition for alternative media. I can speak for this myself; KRUI is where I began making my writing public almost exactly three years ago as a freshman.

KRUI’s members have gone on to work as ESPN correspondents, authors, screenwriters, Olympians, and, of course, radio broadcasters. More than that, they become leaders, thinkers, and communicators with confidence.

Please, if you love our radio station, our online content, our sports coverage, or any other entertainment KRUI provides you with, voice your support for us on Twitter (our handle is @KRUI) or by coming to the Black Box Theatre in the Iowa Memorial Union at 7pm tonight to see what happens next.

We appreciate everybody who is already tweeting in support, and those who have always supported the radio station by listening. KRUI has been a gift, and we want it to continue as a valuable resource on the University of Iowa campus. We truly believe we can make this happen.