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The Walking Contradiction’s How-to Guide: Being an Adult

I know there’s a lot of debate surrounding the word “adulting.” For some, it’s just another funny word to describe doing “grown up” things in their daily life. (For example: “I used the laundry machine to wash my underwear instead of the dishwasher #adulting.”) I also just recently learned what those dishwasher icons for various foods and stains mean. I sort of fall in the middle of the spectrum in regards to my response to the word. On one hand, I do hate the mundane responsibilities of being a person over the age of 18 and it’s kind of nice to distance myself from actual soul-crushing adulthood by using “adulting” as a scapegoat, but I also think that someone who believes they should get a pat on the back, or at least a Twitter like, for not puking in someone’s shoe for the first weekend since freshman year is pretty dumb. However, another portion of the population thinks that using the word “adulting” to describe everyday responsibilities that you should be doing as a person over the age of 18 anyways is pretty dumb.


Either way, I am in my last semester of college so that means “adulting” is something that has been an ever looming presence in my life the past couple of months, and it is only going to get worse as the months fly by towards May. While searching for jobs hurts my brain and my pride a little bit and I crave the simplicity of freshman year, I also have been finding myself increasingly unable to sleep in past 9:30 a.m. without feeling terrible and my tolerance for junk food is getting pretty weak.

Since I am sort of in the limbo of nearly-a-real-adult but still have no solid clue as to what I am doing with my life, I figured I’d make this month’s to-do list based on revelations I’ve had about #adulting over the past couple months.

1.Get your resume in check

Good resumes equal good jobs. (Or so I have been repeatedly told, I have yet to secure a post-college job but it’s only February so I have time right??) This is pretty much the first thing a potential employer will see from you, so you want to make a fantastic first impression. Depending on your field, a well-designed resume can really help you stand out and show your own personal flair.

Luckily for me, I will be searching for graphic design jobs and so I’ve been able to design my own resume exactly how I’d like it to match my personal design style. If you don’t have that ability, here are some ideas to help you out. And if your field doesn’t traditionally allow for personalized resumes, make sure you triple spell check that sh*t. If you have any questions regarding employment laws, you can visit

2. It’s Budget Time, bitch.

(Sorry for calling you a bitch. I don’t actually think you’re a bitch, I just wanted to make budgeting time sound more fun and was hoping a Britney reference would help.)

When you’re in college and are faced with the decision to either go out and get pizza or cook a meal at home with food already in your cupboards, both your heart and your wallet will choose the pizza. Because although I love cooking for myself and always to keep essentials stocked up, not everyone does and by the time you go to the grocery store and get the things you need to make yourself a dinner it probably would’ve been more cost effective to just go out for pizza. But in the long run, always going out to eat will get insanely expensive.

It will only get harder to budget as you get older and more bills start piling up if you don’t take the initiative and start now. Here is an article with some really helpful tips to get you started.

3.“Drink Responsibly”

Okay so I’ve always been on the more sober side of the college binge-drinking statistics. Like I’m pretty sure I’ve only been hungover twice, and one of the occasions was after my high school friend’s wedding located nowhere near Iowa City so I don’t know if it really counts.

I know senior year should be about getting your last college kicks in while you can, BUT it’s good to keep in mind that balance is good. So if you get hella turnt this weekend, maybe next weekend you should go for a hike and knit or something. Then should you be facing a DUI charge yourself, then be sure to research the most trustworthy DUI lawyers near you. There is a very reputable DUI lawyer in New Jersey which you can find here, so that is a great example of what to look for when you need a DUI lawyer to help you face DUI charges.

A DUI conviction has a substantial impact on your daily life, and it never goes away. This is why it’s so important to hire experienced drink driving lawyers to fight those charges.

4. Stick to a schedule

Like I said, I honestly can’t sleep in like I used to, and it’s pretty rare for me to stay up past midnight which is crazy considering I used to regularly see 3 a.m. It makes me feel a little bit sad to be honest. But, I have been more productive this semester than I ever have my whole college career, and with the least amount of free time. While it seems lame, if you make a schedule for yourself and for the most part stick to it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much you can accomplish.

Okay, so I think that’s enough grown up talk for now. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go read a book and try not to fall asleep.


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