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Reasons for the Resting Bitch Face: Catcalls

Reason #2

With autumn here and winter right around the corner, girls are starting to bring out their pants. In particular, their leggings. Wearing these, however, does not give any guy a reason to catcall a girl.
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There are several reasons we, as women, wear leggings. We can dress them up or down, they’re super comfortable, and they go with anything. Because they’re becoming more popular, they come in different colors, lengths, and materials. Some girls wear them to workout in while some wear them to go to interviews. We don’t wear them to impress guys. In the morning, I don’t think to myself, “I’m going to wear leggings today so a guy will notice my bum.”
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Wearing leggings, or any tight clothing, does not give men the right to catcall women whether it’s on the street or in class or at work. Contrary to popular belief, catcalling is not considered flirty or flattering. Girls find it very disrespectful. I don’t know why guys ever began whistling and shouting at girls on the street, because it is not something we enjoy.

When I’m walking on campus, I don’t want guys to whistle at me as I pass by. I don’t want them to the turn around and break their necks just to get a longer look at me. I don’t want them to tell me that I need to smile more when they “compliment” me. It is not a compliment that I’m getting. It’s something that has made walking alone super uncomfortable. When I walk to class, or to a bus stop, or back to my dorm, or anywhere, I should not have to feel self-conscious about what I’m wearing because of what guys are saying. I shouldn’t have to worry about catcalls.

The results of a survey of women who have been catcall done by
The results of a survey of women who have been catcalled done by

An organization that is aimed towards stopping catcalling has done surveys on the amount of times women get catcalled. Not surprisingly, 99% said that they had been harassed on the street at some point. This is not something women look forward to. We don’t feel flattered by this type of recognition.

With women bringing out some of their tighter clothing, please remember that catcalling is not something anyone should ever do. We don’t enjoy feeling uncomfortable in what we’re wearing.