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Mission Creek: Jason Isbell @ Blue Moose, 4/4/14

Headliner Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell  came to Iowa City for Mission Creek Festival on April  4th at Blue Moose Tap House. This time, he took the whole stage, taking turns with Jason T. Lewis and David Zollo & The Body Electric.

The first performer was Jason T. Lewis. He is now a graduate student of The University of Iowa. He not only plays music but also writes books. He has been a singer, songwriter, and producer for nearly 25 years. On stage Lewis again brought his beautiful country songs to the audience as a warm-up for the following sets.

The second performer was David Zollo & The Body Electric, a local band with five  members from Iowa City. Their passion is roots rock. They had their first album released in 1994, andn they have released four albums since. During their about 40 minute set, they had beautiful music to offer as more and more people poured into Blue Moose Tap House.

Jason Isbell, who is a well-know musician, came to stage as the grand finale. Growing up in rural Northern Alabama, his life experiences with farmland, cows and Southern America, have influenced him and his music a great deal. He is a singer-songwriter, and also a talented guitarist. He has released 4 studio albums and 2 live albums. He started his solo work and released his solo album at the same time in 2007. His latest album was released last year, with a genre focusing on alternative country.

Isbell played 10 songs for the audience. His powerful voice made his music sound steadier and more profound. The music he chose for the night was full of different genres, classic country, southern rock, and so on. There were songs with light notes with people waving their bodies around, dancing with the music. There were songs with deeper tempos and harder beats. With songs going on and on thought the night, the whole evening was brought to the greatest finale by Jason Isbell. It was indeed a great feast for music consumers.

Along with The Body Electronic, the whole performance presented fantastic and comforting  music. Jason Isbell was also excited and left his thoughts after the show.

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