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Album Review: Dana T – abbr. relation

Dana T drawingIowa City’s very own Dana T charms listeners with his latest EP, abbr. relation. In just four tracks you’re taken on a trip of avant-garde inspired, psychedelic pop rock. Right from the top you’re welcomed by brisk sax, bold brass and fluttering flutes. Simple, layered vocals are tied together with soft banjo. Lyrics bounce along basic snare and cymbal clicks. Smooth jazz-inspired riffs fill transitions, highlighting a subtle bass line. Very clean electric guitar licks trail and play off of the sax nicely.

Dana Telsrow is the creative mind behind abbr. relation, released September 27. You can blaze through this EP in roughly 14 minutes.

The first (“Farmer’s Market”) and third (“Sylviane”) tracks barely make the two and a half minute mark.  The last and longest track at roughly 5 minutes,”Goin’ Down”, is a nice note to end on. It’s a little more aggressive than the other tracks, with its garish brass and vocals (that sound more like declarations). “Goin’ Down” climaxes about three times, which is a unique quality. There is definitely a lot of fun and effective improvisation with a lot of different, warm instruments I sat in near silence thinking it had come to an end, but was delighted to find there was more to be heard from Dana T..

This EP is quite the unconventional mash-up , in a solid way. I found myself resisting the urge to skip to my next class to listen to this EP.

Standout tracks: Farmer’s Market,” “Goin’ Down”

Sounds like:  The Beggarmen, Rubblebucket, Dan Deacon

Check out their page and buy abbr. relation here!