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The Curious Case of Andrew Wiggins

The average high school senior has a May 1 deadline to choose their college destination for the next fall. Things can change with wait lists, etc, but for the most part, the decision is set in stone by May 1.

Andrew Wiggins isn’t the average high school senior.

Not even close.

He’s been called Canada’s LeBron. He’s the most coveted high school basketball player in the world. In December, Dick Vitale, who saw Wiggins play at the prestigious City of Palms Classic in Fort Myers, Fla., was so impressed with him that he called the Canadian sensation the best amateur player in the county. College included.

And months after most of his fellow seniors have announced their destination — usually Kentucky — Wiggins is still undecided.

He has a tough choice, certainly.

Should he join Dakari Johnson, Julius Randle, and the Harrison twins at Kentucky and form a group of freshman unseen since the Fab Five?

Should he follow in the footsteps of his mother and father, and join his best friend Xavier Rathan-Mayes at Florida State?

Should #22 head off to the school that once was the home of #23 — North Carolina?

Or should he attempt to create his own legacy at Kansas?

The balance of power in college basketball is quite possibly at stake. Kentucky, already the consensus early favorite, would become even more formidable. UNC, Kansas, and Florida State would vault into the discussion at the top.

Wiggins is a once in a generation talent. Some have already began discussing whether the Toronto Raptors should tank the 2013-14 season just to get the best shot at the hometown kid. He’s that special.

So while 17 and 18 year olds around the nation decide their collegiate home, the collective breath of the college basketball world is being held for the decision of one.

So, the final question is simple.

Andrew Wiggins, who’s it going to be?