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Will Alex Smith and Dewayne Bowe have great seasons?

High expection going in 2013 for fromer pro bowl receiver Dwayne Bowe
High expection going in 2013 for fromer pro bowl receiver Dwayne Bowe

I’m predicting a good season for the Kansas City Chiefs. You can thank the acquisition of quarterback Alex Smith for that. With the acquisition of quarterback Alex Smith it is just a sign that Chiefs’ Star Wide Receiver, Dwayne Bowe is going to have a great 2013 season. We just might see the Dwayne Bowe from the 2010 season where he had 72 receptions, 1,162 receiving yards, and 15 receiving touchdowns.

Although most are saying that this might not be such a great year for Alex Smith because the way Matt Cassel played as the quarterback of the Kansas Chiefs, and how his production decline throughout the years. When you look at the Smith is already looking like he should do better than Cassel. When Cassel had a great season the next year he had a mediocre season. Then after that he had a phenomena season in his second year in Kansas City where he threw 27 touchdowns, only 7 interceptions, threw for 3,116 passing yard, and had a quarterback rating of a 93. After that Cassel number just been decreasing/ Compare to Alex Smith, although he haven’t had a breakout year like Cassel did in 2010 he has been increasing his number every year since 2009.

Because of Matt Cassel struggles, that caused Chiefs’ star wide receiver stats to go down. The same year when Cassel had that breakout season was the same season when Dwayne Bowe had a breakout season as well. With Smith improving every season, that only means that Dwayne Bowe would have another breakout season this year. With Smith under center Bowe is most likely going to be a pro bowl wide out for the second time in his five year career. This maybe will be one of the best receiver and quarterback duo in the NFL next season. It is clear that Bowe is the best receiver on the Chiefs team, since his first 3 years in the league he was second in receiving on because that’s when they had Tony Gonzalez. Ever since 2009, Bowe has been leading his team in every single receiving category. As long as Alex Smith has a great year, Dwayne Bowe would have a fantastic season.

Now we have to wait until training camp starts, to find out whether or not these two stars can work together here in Kansas City. With this move it’s bring high hope to the Kansas City organization. Hopefully they want let Kansas City down again next season.