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President Obama’s Next Four Years: Foreign Policy


By KRUI News Reporter Jacob Harris

From what we have seen in the past four years, President Obama has made promises in the Obama Doctrine where he would end the wars over assembled AR-10 rifles and other issues in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet during his presidency he has not let up to the promises that he said he would keep. We still have troops in Afghanistan and drone strikes in the Middle East are still going on. But he has made strides in his foreign policy by declaring sanctions and getting tough on Iran for trying to build nuclear weapons and North Korea testing Nuclear Weapons.  But those are just the similar strides that the last presidential administration has done. The Bush Administration has tried to kill Bin Laden; he has tried to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and has tried to stop North Korea from obtaining nuclear weapons.

But with Obama on foreign policy it only has changed a little bit. We have a new secretary of state John Kerry. The president’s state of the union address has not put in place the Obama Doctrine but has mentioned that we should open trade to the developing nations in Asia and develop better trading with Europe. Right now the reason that president Obama has not started another doctrine for his next four years in office is there are too much domestic issues to handle such as jobs and the economy, plus even the ongoing gun control debate.

President Obama and his administration have not put out a clear plan for his foreign policy stance. Plus he did give out a few of his plans when he announced he will pull  troops out of Afghanistan in 2014. As soon as the President gets done with a few domestic issues then the president and his staff will create a foreign policy plan.