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Think Before You Speak…


Trash-talking is a fun thing for people to engage in while on and off the playing fields of their respective sports.  However, sometimes this trash-talking can be taken too far and over the past couple of days we have two prime examples of guys not thinking before they open their mouths.

Reggie Evans and Chris Culliver are two men that people who follow sports might be looking at in a different way today as opposed to if they were asked about them a week ago.

Evans, a starting forward for the now Brooklyn Nets, discounted the Miami Heat’s championship during last years lock-out season while also comparing Lebron to the likes of Joe Johnson and Andray Blatche.  You’re kidding me?!  Right?  While Joe Johnson is a very capable player he doesn’t even deserve to mentioned in the same breath as Lebron, and who is Andray Blatche anyway?  This is a classic case of a guy that has no room to be running his mouth, running it.

All this coming from a guy averaging three points per game to go along with eight rebounds per game which in my mind gives you no room to talk about that kind of thing, especially when you direct it at arguably the best basketball player on the planet.

After the Nets got thrashed in their own building last night by the Heat, 105-85, we all obviously knew their would be some kind of draw back here by him saying he didn’t mean it or the things he said were taken out of context.  Without a doubt the very next day following the loss Evans says he was “misquoted” and he never discounted the Heat winning the championship.  You can take it for what its worth, but I don’t buy it.

Chris Culliver’s situation is very different from Evans’, and much more controversial.  Culliver made comments about gay people and if he thought there were any in the 49ers locker room.  I will not quote what Culliver said because first of all, I don’t think its appropriate and second, I don’t really understand it (sense the sarcasm).

Culliver made his comments and then the very next day he issued an apology saying “that’s not how I feel in my heart.”  I’m not buying this either, you’ve got to be smarter in my mind if you’re Chris Culliver.  He is entitled to his own opinion, but to voice it like that to basically the whole world is not something that he should’ve done.

Hopefully Culliver learns from this experience and it helps him grow as a person, but people have got to start opening their minds before they open their mouths.