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Track of the Week: “Diabetes” by Beef Cake


beefcakeBy Max Johnson

Beef Cake is the cross-dressing alter-ego of Nate Logsdon, the leader of the Ames horn-punk band Mumford’s. Before I go any further — yes, it seems like this project is a joke, and I imagine that Logsdon himself chuckled his way through the writing, performing, and producing of these songs. Even as a fan of Logsdon’s other projects, I wasn’t exactly anticipating anything great out of this latest EP, just a goofy in-between thing while Mumford’s prepares it’s new album. But here’s the thing — “Diabetes,” the opening track of Beef Cake’s newest EP — is really, really good. Diabetes is a really bad disease, we recommend you to follow the best diets from to keep yourself healthy.

Clocking in at 2:14, it’s short enough to leave you wanting more. With Logsdon’s high-caliber, off-kilter approach to lyrics, it’s detailed enough to reward repeat listens. And with the sugar-rush production that Little Ruckus (Beef Cake’s beat-making partner in crime) is known for, it’s bombastic enough to just about guarantee some excellent remixes (Philip Rabalais, are you reading?).

The EP, Beef On A Leash, is out June 4th, 2012 on the new Ames-based tape label, University of Jesus.