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Now Hiring for Spring 2012

If you want to get started in the music business, write news stories, cover sporting events, or DJ, KRUI is the place for you. We have twelve student-run departments covering everything from administration to marketing. KRUI is a great place to get hands on, professional experience. At KRUI you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to about broadcast, business and journalism as well as meet some really great people.

We’ve been expanding over the years and are now ready to start some new projects to help create content for our website. We’re looking to hire photographers, writers and video producers to cover music, news and sports. We’re also looking for DJs, staffers, and developers for our website and staff software.

Existing DJs and Staffers
Don’t forget! If you are a returning DJ looking for a new time slot, please fill out a new KRUI On-Air Staff Application for Spring 2012. The form is available here. If you are a returning DJ who would like to keep your Fall 2011 timeslot and forgo scheduling, you may fill out a Veteran DJ Opt-Out form instead of re-applying. The Veteran Opt-Out form can be found here. Re-applications are due Sunday, December 18th at Midnight.

Existing Staffers
You do not need to re-apply for your staff positions, you’re all set!

Prospective Staffers
If you’re interested in joining our team, please fill out this application. If you would like further description of what exactly our departments do, please refer to the KRUI Jobs page. You may also want to take a moment to join our mailing list for prospective staffers. We look forward to creating radio magic with you.

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