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Show Announcement: LFS 09

Night-People Records

KRUI is proud to announce the ninth installment in the Low Frequency Series: the Night-People Records Showcase featuring Wet Hair and Peaking Lights, which will be held on Tuesday, October 18th at 9:00 PM at The Mill.  This FREE show will showcase the work of the Iowa City-based record label, and will feature the sounds of some of Iowa City’s finest local talent.

Since 2003, Night-People Records has catered to the underground music connoisseurs of Iowa City and beyond.  The label has released albums by everyone from the Washington-based band Lazer Zeppelin to rising South Dakota artist EMA, as well as some from international acts like the Australian noise-rock band Naked on the Vague and the minimalistic Danish group Eklin.  The Night-People Records Showcase, however, will feature some of the label’s most promising local and regional acts.  The show will be co-headlined by Peaking Lights, a lo-fi, electronic duo from Madison, Wisconsin, and Iowa City’s own Wet Hair, whose psychedelic sound has garnered its fair share of critical acclaim in recent years.  The Showcase will also feature DJ sets by both Aaron Coyes, lead singer of Peaking Lights, and Shawn Reed, Wet Hair front man and Night-People founder, rounding out a night full of diverse, up-and-coming local sounds.

Aside from its diverse musical catalogue, one of the reasons for Night-People’s uniqueness is Reed’s ability to combine music and art into one very visually-appealing package.  Each album or cassette tape the label sends out comes with a custom-made, hand-assembled label or cover, and Reed’s screen-printed T-shirts and prints are hot commodities on the label’s website.  While the vast majority of its affordable merchandise is sold online, all of the vinyl and tapes the label currently stocks, as well as a variety of apparel items and screen-prints, will be available for sale at the Showcase.

Check out the Night-People Records Showcase at The Mill on October 18th for a free sampling of some of Iowa City’s finest musical acts, as well as an excellent opportunity to support the local music scene.  Don’t miss this!

KRUI’s Low Frequency Series: 09
Night-People Records Showcase
featuring Wet Hair and Peaking Lights
– DJ set by Shawn Reed and Aaron Coyes
– plethora of Night-People albums, shirts and prints
The Mill | 19+ | 9pm | FREE!

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