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Sam Odeyemi’s Top Bubble Teams

Kevin Jones (left)and Joe Mazzulla need to keep building on West Virginia's 16-9 record if they hope to make the NCAA Tournament (photo via
West Virginia

(16-9) They have a 6-5 big east conference record and they have competed hard all season despite losing their top two scorers to the NBA.

St. Johns (15-9) A surprising 7-5 Big east record with three of those wins coming against the top 25 teams: Notre Dame, UConn, and Georgetown. The Red Storm recently throttled Duke by 15 three weeks ago.

Illinois (16-8) Beating Minnesota at home last week has helped the once promising Illini stay relevant in the Big Ten

Kansas State (17-8) The beat down that the Wildcats put on Kansas was a big boost for their tournament hope. It is probably the best win of the season so far. If seniors Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly can continue to play at a high level then Kansas State has a great chance.

George Mason (20-5) They don’t have a strong schedule but they have a 12-2 conference record and they have made a strong push in the NCAA tournament before, reaching the Final Four in 2006.

Xavier (17-6) They are 3-3 versus the top-50, I think if they can win the Atlantic-10 conference then they have a great chance of making the Big dance.

Memphis (18-6) They don’t have any wins vs. the top 25 and like Xavier, if they win out their conference they have a great chance to make the tournament.

Michigan State (14-10) The Spartans started off the season ranked #2, and they have fallen off the map. They do have some big wins vs. Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Penn State and Washington. If the Spartans can make a strong second half push and make some noise in the Big Ten tournament then the Spartans have a great chance.

Marquette (15-9) They are 3-8 against the top 50, but they do not have any bad loses this season. Two of those three wins are against Syracuse and Notre Dame. The golden eagles have competed hard and they are 6-5 in the big east.

Saint Mary (21-4) They have two quality wins vs. St. Johns, and Gonzaga. They still have two big games left vs. Utah St and Gonzaga. They are 9-1 in the West Coast Conference and if they win there conference then there in.