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Show Spotlight: The Now


If you’re looking for a more interactive radio experience get in The Now. Every Thursday at 8 pm, 89.7 shows you what the world looks like through the eyes of quirky and multi-talented hosts James McDonald and Mandy Vanderwaal, set to a soundtrack of the top 5 Indie Rock songs of the week.

James McDonald is no stranger to radio, making his mark at KRUI in the 90s on the show “Shut The Hell Up.” He calls college radio “the last sanctuary for anonymity and imagination,” and it is clear that he takes both of these responsibilities very seriously. Now a lawyer, his greater passions lie in music. Co-host Mandy Vanderwaal is a double major in Psychology and Theatre, and it’s their dynamic and opposing personalities mixed with a bit of an age difference that makes the show so much fun to listen to.

Typical topics for shows can include anything from politics to sports, but the key is listener interaction. Your comments are encouraged through the show’s blog, called The Donut Shop, posts on the Facebook page, or calls to the phone line. Prizes are given away weekly during the “Question of the Day.” The show has hosted several notable guests, including the Mad Monks and Pictures of Then. Both hosts want to expand the guest list, with Mandy naming Ashton Kutcher and Kirk Ferentz as “goal guests.”

So, if you feel like listening and actually being heard, grab your computer and head to The Donut Shop, tune in to KRUI, and get in The Now.

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