The University of Iowa University of Iowa

Jenny Bowman
Position: News Staffer
Hometown: Des Moines, IA
Major: Psychology
Minor: Criminology
Fun Fact:  I’ve watched over 100 episodes of forensic files
Why I Joined KRUI: I wanted to work with a cool group of people to present news and good music!
Which days you can find me on the Daily Show:

Ziying (Darren) Chen
Position: News Staffer
Major: journalism and mass communication, english and creative writing, history
Fun Fact:  I am a funny person just like what you are reading right now.
Why I Joined KRUI: I would like to broaden my horizons by gaining work experiences that are related to my majors and meet new people.
Which days you can find me on the Daily Show: Fridays

Josh Halley
Position: News Staffer
Major: Ethics and Public Policy
Fun Fact:  I live with my mutt Frankie!
Why I Joined KRUI: I am passionate about the news and current events. I enjoy sharing with others.

Vera Snodgrass
Position: News Staffer
Major: Creative Writing major on the Publishing track
Fun Fact: I love puzzles and puzzle games! Visual puzzles like tetris, word scrambles, if : then, knots, puzzles are my bread and butter.
Why I Joined KRUI: Radio stations have always been fascinating to me, and I’d like to know what happens in there! That’s simplifying things a bit, but I really like the radio media format! Almost more than visual TV.
Which days you can find me on the Daily Show:

Gina Bawek
Position: News Staffer
Major: Journalism and communications, BA in vocal performance
Fun Fact: I’m a huge plant lover! I have over 50 houseplants ranging from itty bitty to full on trees! 🙂
Why I Joined KRUI: I loved doing radio at my previous college and I would like to continue doing what I love, as well as gain more experience for my future career.
Which days you can find me on the Daily Show:

Marc Cortez
Position: News Staffer
Major: Sport and Recreation Management
Fun Fact: I have 33 first cousins
Why I Joined KRUI: To diversify myself and report on things that interest