Introducing OPS+ and FIP- in the Big Ten

NCAA Baseball can have sabermetrics, too. The “sabermetric revolution”, or the application of using objective methodology to determine and understand player performances, is swirling all around Major League Baseball. Statistics such as  On-Base Plus Slugging Plus(OPS+) for hitters and Fielding Independent Pitching Minus(FIP-) with pitchers, among many more sabermetrics. All these unique stats determining player … Continued

Chicago Bears Mock Draft

The NFL draft is now upon us, one of the oddest sports television phenomenons that our country annually celebrates. It’s a time that brings hope to all 32 franchises, but is often looked back on as a day where hopes and dreams turned into pain and anguish for fans across the country. As a Bears fan, the … Continued

Ronaldo, Real Madrid Down Bayern Munich

    (Disclaimer): Opinions expressed are my own. For full coverage of the UEFA Champions League, visit   Cristiano Ronaldo scored five goals in two games as defending champs move on   Surprises were abound in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals; an 18-year-old scored three goals in two games, and a man with no … Continued

Iowa Spring Game Leaves More to be Learned

Changes to the Spring Game Don’t Change the Questions about the Hawks By Ben Colin Iowa City, Iowa – Not your typical Friday night lights. First off, it’s a mild spring evening, not a chilly fall night. Second, this was a Hawkeye football game of 16,500 people instead of a local high school. Third, the … Continued



Camden Palmisano is a junior majoring in Journalism Mass Communications and Sports Management. He hails from Los Angeles, California but is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and loves all sports. He currently hosts Off The Ivy on Wednesdays  from 1-2 as well as The Fantasy Football Forum on Thursdays from 2-3.





Kyle Howard McWlliams is a Senior from Victor,Iowa(45 miles west).  This semester, he was named Assistant Sports Director helping oversee the monthly writing schedule. Being a die-hard Cubs fan pushed him to get a Sport and Recreation Degree, he would settle for broadcasting, journalism or a front office position in baseball. His passion for the Washington Redskins and other sports news reactions can be heard weekly on “The Blitz”. He has written game recaps for  Hawkeyes football and Women’s basketball over the years. When not being around the studio, you can find Kyle playing video games, writing for fun, staying current on sports news, and checking his fantasy teams daily.



Jackson Truskowski: I am from Grayslake, Illinois and I am a senior at the University of Iowa.  I have been on the KRUI sports staff since freshman year, and I am also the Assistant to the General Manager and Director of Strategic Communications for KRUI.  I host The Blitz and Center Ice, and I am a panelist for Sports Squawk and Off the Ivy




Justin Allen: I am a senior majoring in Finance at the University of Iowa.  I am from Grayslake, IL.  I am a panelist on the “Fantasy Football Forum” (or whatever our name is), and is a guest on several other sports shows.  I am also the Finance Director at KRUI.





jiimmynasJimmy Nash is a sophomore at The University of Iowa. He is from Glenview, Illinois. Jimmy has broadcasted multiple Iowa Football and Men’s Basketball games. During the week, he hosts the Morning Drive on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8-9. Additionally, Jimmy is a panelist on College Football Friday from 1-2 and Full Court Press from 2-3 on Fridays. He has written numerous articles for the website as well. Jimmy is a fan of all of the Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears. His Mother attended the University of Iowa and the Hawkeye blood runs through his veins.




Dylan Anderson is a junior studying Journalism/Mass Communication and Sport Studies from Clear Lake, Iowa. Along with writing for the KRUI Sports website, he is a host on Full Court
Press on Fridays along with College Football Friday and a panelist on Off The Monster  on Mondays and Sports Squawk on Wednesdays. Dylan is a fan of the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Minnesota Wild.
My name is Jack Brandsgard and I’m a junior from West Des Moines, Iowa. Following graduation, I want to be a sports writer covering either a specific NBA team or the NBA as a whole. I’m new to KRUI, but have covered Hawkeye football, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball in the past. In my spare time, I’m probably playing video games, playing basketball, or watching basketball.
J.T. Ward is a Sophomore from Sycamore Illinois. As a Journalism and Sports Studies double major, J.T. is searching for a career in Sports Broadcasting. You can listen to him dive into topics relating to football on the NFL Rundown on Thursdays at 8pm. J.T. will also be publishing articles on the KRUI website. When not with KRUI, JT is out and about in Iowa City, playing dodgeball and going to class.
Troy Weiman is a junior from Davenport, Iowa.  An aspiring sports writer, Troy has covered Hawkeye football and men’s basketball during his time with KRUI Sports.  You can hear him give his opinions on the two during College Football Friday and College Hoop Central.  Aside from being a fan of Iowa sports, Troy also enjoys fantasy football, Major League Baseball, and any and all college basketball.  Away from the studio, you can still find him watching highlight videos from the Chicago Cubs’ 2016 World Series run, and he may or may not be shedding tears of joy while he watches.
 Emma Baumgarten is a second-year student from Denver, Colorado. A religious watcher of baseball and hockey, she most appreciates the Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rockies, New York Rangers, and St. Louis Cardinals. Emma hopes to one day return to her home state and pursue her dream of becoming an NHL commentator. You can catch her on the Friday morning Morning Drive expressing her dislike for all Chicago sports teams and trying not to talk about how bad the Denver Nuggets are.
Derek Steffen is a junior majoring in Journalism and Sports Studies. He is from North Liberty, Iowa, and is a die-hard Bears, Bulls, and Cubs fan. During the week, he’s on The Morning Drive on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s from 8-9am. When not talking about sports on KRUI, Derek is often just talking about sports elsewhere.