89.7 FM – 7 Day Playlist

Name Artist Album
Piece by PieceFeederEcho Park
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-23T00:04:59Z
We Own the SkyM83Saturdays=Youth
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-22T23:56:17Z
Dodged a BulletGreg LaswellEveryone Thinks I Dodged a Bullet
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-22T23:53:46Z
We Are the ChampionsQueenAlbum
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-22T23:50:06Z
Fear & DelightThe CorrespondentsPuppet Loosely Strung
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-22T23:43:56Z
My Funny ValentineFrank SinatraGOLD!
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-22T23:41:36Z
AccelerateSusanne SundforTen Love Songs
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-22T23:25:51Z
Map of the ProblamatiqueMuseBlack Holes and Revelations
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-22T23:22:13Z
Where Can I Buy Happiness?Charlie WinstonRunning Still
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-22T23:16:56Z
First Time CallerThe White LiesBig TV
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-22T23:11:11Z
This Cat's On a Hot Tin RoofThe Brian Setzer OrchestraThe Dirty Boogie
Played by Shannon Mulligan, 2016-05-22T23:04:43Z
No SurprisesRadioheadOK Computer
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T23:16:58Z
Shake it Little TinaLow Cut ConnieHi Honey
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T23:07:39Z
The EveningThao & The Get Down Stay DownA Man Alive
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T23:06:17Z
Genghis KhanMiike Snowiii
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T23:02:00Z
ConstellationsBlack MountainIV
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T22:51:20Z
Hey, No PressureRay LaMontagneOuroboros
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T22:47:05Z
Lovers of the SunThe JayhawksPaging Mr. Proust
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T22:40:56Z
You Don'tTwin PeaksDown In Heaven
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T22:36:22Z
I Can't See at AllWoodsCity Sun Eater in the River of Light
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T22:33:44Z
Glass EyesRadioheadAlbum
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T22:25:58Z
Decks DarkRadioheadA Moon Shaped Pool
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T22:25:39Z
Decks DarkRadioheadA Moon Shaped Pool
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T22:25:16Z
Burn the WitchRadioheadA Moon Shaped Pool
Played by Kesa Ahomana, 2016-05-21T22:08:24Z
CrystalTwo Door Cinema ClubChanging Of The Seasons
Played by Elin Dejus, 2016-05-21T04:01:01Z
Will Calls (Marfa Demo)Grizzly Bear
Played by Elin Dejus, 2016-05-21T03:50:13Z
At AnchorPort BlueThe Airship
Played by Elin Dejus, 2016-05-21T03:44:25Z
Day TwoKevin BurkeAlbum
Played by Elin Dejus, 2016-05-21T03:44:01Z
Alan WattsRoutley
Played by Elin Dejus, 2016-05-21T03:27:50Z
VarúðSigur RósValtari
Played by Elin Dejus, 2016-05-21T03:18:30Z
When Love ArrivesSarah Kay & Phil KayeAlbum
Played by Elin Dejus, 2016-05-21T03:11:59Z
The Most Astounding FactNeil deGrasse TysonAlbum
Played by Elin Dejus, 2016-05-21T03:05:58Z
Twistin' the Night AwaySam CookeTwistin' the Night Away (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T01:00:55Z
Don't Be Sore at MeThe ParliamentsDon't Be Sore at Me (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:56:48Z
I Don't Want Nobody to Lead Me OnThe MasqueradersI Don't Want Nobody to Lead Me On (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:53:39Z
Do Your ThingThe Chambers BrothersDo Your Thing (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:50:21Z
Goin' Back to MiamiWayne CochranGoin' Back to Miami (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:47:42Z
Karate MonkeyChubby CheckerKarate Monkey (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:44:13Z
You're No GoodDee Dee WarwickYou're No Good (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:43:25Z
The Last TimeCandy & The KissesThe Last Time (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:39:20Z
I Got a FeelingBarbara RandolphI Got a Feeling (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:36:15Z
The Real ThingTina BrittThe Real Thing (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:33:56Z
Keep on Searchin'Candy & the KissesKeep on Searchin' (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:32:06Z
Need Your Lovingthe FlirtationsNeed Your Loving (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:27:40Z
Don't Make Me CryMatt "Ti" MadisonDon't Make Me Cry (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:25:11Z
Pig Snouts, Part INatural Bridge BunchPig Snouts, Part I (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:22:32Z
Save Your MoneyLonnie MackSave Your Money (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:20:00Z
If You Ask Me (Because I Love You)Jerry WilliamsIf You Ask Me (Because I Love You) (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:17:11Z
Rain, Rain, RainTennyson StephensRain, Rain, Rain (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:14:47Z
Can't Get Next to YouAl GreenAl Green's Greatest Hits
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:10:11Z
Camp Meetin'Don WilkersonCamp Meetin' (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:06:43Z
Foolish FoolDee Dee WarwickFoolish Fool (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:05:14Z
AlmostJimmy DelphsAlmost (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:01:38Z
Ghost WalkBudos BandThe Proposition (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-21T00:01:18Z
Bumpin' & Thumpin'Bumps JacksonMore Stompin' Early Jump
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:57:21Z
Doin' the LimboJames BrownPapa's Got a Brand New Bag
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:54:08Z
The Breakdown (Part I)Rufus ThomasThe Breakdown (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:50:23Z
Don't Tell Me Your TroublesRay CharlesModern Sounds in Country Western Music vol 2
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:48:51Z
JangalDom Um RomaoBossa Nova
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:46:25Z
Since You've Been GoneAretha FranklinLady Soul
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:43:16Z
Mbesiafo (Part I)George DanquahHot & Jumpy
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:41:02Z
Shake Your Groove ThingPeaches & Herb2 Hot!
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:35:08Z
Space PrincessLonnie Liston SmithExotic Mysteries
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:34:11Z
Yes We Can CanThe Pointer SistersThe Pointer Sisters
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:25:11Z
HappyThe BamboosPussy Footin (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:21:50Z
Shake and FingerpopJr. Walker & the All-StarsShake and Fingerpop (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:19:19Z
Filet del SoulThe Flaming EmberMind, Body & Soul (7" Single)
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:16:54Z
Born Under a Bad SignAlbert KingBorn Under a Bad Sign
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:12:11Z
Cheyenne's CominCheyenne's CominCheyenne's Comin
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:08:17Z
Vou RecomecarGal CostaTropicala
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:04:36Z
Africa DescendantsAlton EllisStudio One Funk
Played by Phillip Ricks, 2016-05-20T23:01:48Z
Whole CrewLil BibbyFree Crack 1 & 2
Played by Mo Cheetany, 2016-05-19T04:02:32Z
MoneyKattie BandzMobb Tones Vol. 1
Played by Mo Cheetany, 2016-05-19T03:58:47Z
Rozay FlowKing LouieDrilluminati
Played by Mo Cheetany, 2016-05-19T03:35:55Z
Bang BrosLil DurkTHE TAPE
Played by Mo Cheetany, 2016-05-19T03:33:16Z
I Need a HittaKatie Got BandzBandz & Hittas
Played by Mo Cheetany, 2016-05-19T03:31:09Z
Fight or FlightLil HerbWelcome to Fazoland
Played by Mo Cheetany, 2016-05-19T03:13:05Z
SosaChief KeefStill Rich
Played by Mo Cheetany, 2016-05-19T03:12:09Z
Welcome to the BlockSDAlbum
Played by Mo Cheetany, 2016-05-19T03:04:04Z
Played by Mo Cheetany, 2016-05-19T03:03:47Z
Same DrugsChance The RapperColoring Book
Played by Mo Cheetany, 2016-05-19T02:36:08Z
Where're Here To BasketballDowsingI Don't Even Care Anymore
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:09:02Z
Sweet MarieThe AnniversaryYour Majesty
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:08:43Z
DerailedJoyce ManorJoyce Manor
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:08:22Z
Method ActingArizona LandmineWhen Will I Ever Learn?
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:08:09Z
Cotton FieldsCreedence Clearwater RevivalWilly and the Poor Boys
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:07:52Z
No 13 BabyPixiesDoolittle
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:07:29Z
SafetyFootball, Etc.The Draft
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:07:12Z
Terry V. ToriYou Blew It!Grow Up, Dude
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:06:57Z
My Better HalfOne Last Wish1986
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:06:42Z
NolseySorority NoiseJoy Departed
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:06:18Z
NightingaleSaves the DayStay What You Are
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:06:05Z
NahimastayThe Reptilian4-Way Split
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:05:44Z
CharmerTigers JawCharmer
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:05:24Z
Brave EnoughHalf JapaneseOverjoyed
Played by Juliette Enloe, 2016-05-18T06:05:00Z
Gold LionThe Yeah Yeah YeahsShow Your Bones
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T17:09:07Z
Working In A CoalmineDevoNew Traditionalists
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T17:06:11Z
Born FreeM.I.A.MAYA
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T17:02:35Z
See SawClinicFree Reign
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T16:54:23Z
Rudie Can't FailThe ClashLondon Calling
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T16:51:06Z
WhatBronchoJust Enough Hip To Be Woman
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T16:48:37Z
UnderwaterMidnight OilBreathe
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T16:42:43Z
BirdyLightning BoltHypermagic Mountain
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T16:40:11Z
Daft Punk Is Playing At My HouseLCD SoundsystemLondon Sessions
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T16:35:04Z
Red LightsRadio 4Gotham
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T16:27:33Z
Lust For LifeIggy PopLust For Life
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T16:22:57Z
Meet Ze MonstaPJ HarveyTo Bring You My Love
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T16:19:05Z
Angst In My PantsSparksAngst In My Pants
Played by Michael Chamberlain, 2016-05-17T16:16:40Z
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