89.7 FM – 7 Day Playlist

Name Artist Album
CrestStereolabTransient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T06:57:00Z
Alkhar DesshoufTinariwenAmassakoul
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T06:48:54Z
The Big CountryTalking HeadsThe Name Of The Band Is Talking Heads
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T06:43:12Z
ReturnEno/HydeHigh Life
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T06:35:35Z
I Chase The DevilMax RomeoWar Ina Babylon
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T06:28:12Z
Dread LionLee Scratch PerrySuper Ape
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T06:23:34Z
The Death of Mr. SpockRoots Radics Band
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T06:20:31Z
Darkness Surrounds UsThe BodyI shall Die Here
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T06:16:08Z
Etched HeadplateBurialUntrue
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T06:07:24Z
Believe DubJah ShakaNew Testaments of Dub Vol. 2
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T05:59:56Z
Friend, You Will Never LearnForest SwordsEngravings
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T05:52:24Z
578021Jesse LanzaPull my Hair Back
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T05:47:03Z
The Last FoundryRaimeQuarter Turns Over A Living Line
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T05:40:33Z
Spaceape, feat. the SpaceapeBurialHyperdub 10.1
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T05:37:42Z
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T05:27:54Z
The PhoenixFhloston ParadigmThe Phoenix
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T05:22:11Z
Snow BeachRatKingSo it Goes
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T05:11:34Z
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T05:04:58Z
HeyHooray For EarthRacy
Played by Tobin Hoover, 2014-08-01T05:02:05Z
One for the Shoeshine Man [Live]Charles BukowskiSolid Citizen
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T05:04:06Z
On The Good Ship LollipopThe PersuasionsOn The Good Ship Lollipop
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:53:49Z
Let Em KnowKoopsta KniccaDa Devil's Playground: Underground Tape
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:52:15Z
I'm Back To WomenThe FrogsBananimals
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:49:56Z
Roman CandleElliott SmithRoman Candle
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:46:22Z
Huter der SchwellePopol VuhCoeur de Verre
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:42:04Z
Shroud Of GloomRigor MortisRigor Mortis
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:39:23Z
Wuetendes GlasGrauzone1980-1982
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:36:44Z
Over The Shoulder [12" Version]MinistryTwitch
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:23:35Z
Groovy Grubworm (w/vocal)Harlow Wilcox (feat. Groovy G-Man?)Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands Vol. 7
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:21:27Z
I'm So BeautifulDivineThe Story So Far
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:16:14Z
Sex BeatThe Gun ClubFire of Love
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:12:52Z
Down In The Willow GardenOsbourne Brothers & Red AllenAlbum
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:10:46Z
Loneliest PersonThe Pretty ThingsS.F. Sorrow
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:09:07Z
Bush Weed Corn TrashRicky & BunnyScratch & Company - The Upsetters: Chapter 1
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:05:12Z
Funked Out, Loced OutLil Fly (Playa Fly)From Da Darkness Of Da Kut
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T04:02:06Z
LeaderBuffaloDead Forever...
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:51:26Z
DesperadoAlice CooperKiller
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:48:05Z
Human GarbageNapalm DeathScum
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:46:08Z
Baby HueyCherubsHeroin Man
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:42:13Z
Ana NgThey Might Be GiantsLincoln
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:38:57Z
Japura RiverWhat Capitalism WasPlays Philip Glass On Accordion
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:35:58Z
Frank and Jesse JamesWarren ZevonWarren Zevon
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:31:42Z
Fuckin' Wit Dis ClickThree 6 MafiaMystic Stylez
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:21:58Z
Do It All NightPrinceDirty Mind
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:17:45Z
Watch That ManDavid BowieAladdin Sane
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:13:26Z
I Want a Little Sugar in My BowlNina SimoneSings The Blues
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:11:02Z
When Jah ComeDevion IronScratch & Company - The Upsetters: Chapter 1
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:07:31Z
Creation du MondeVangelisL'Apocolypse des animaux
Played by Jason Buck, 2014-07-27T03:00:59Z
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