Walk In My Shoes: Racism Is Prevalent

Content Warning: This column may contain language some readers may deem inappropriate.

“Sometimes doing nothing is doing something.” -Thomas Dewar

It saddens my heart that in this day and age racism is prevalent and regarded to as a norm; however, racism should never be condoned or tolerated in any regard. Growing up, I was taught the importance of accepting people for who they are and to never judge an individual by the color of their skin but only by the content of their character along with their values and morals they live by. I understood the fact that racism existed in our society even if it was never spoken about in the extreme importance that it should. I accepted the fact that I lived in a homogenous society but will never be considered apart of the homogeneity due to the pigment of my skin. I grew to understand that I will never be considered an equal because of the tunnel vision society suffers from and continues to narrow.

However, I refuse to remain silent when a problem is prevalent and continues to exist and breed throughout generations, where nothing is being done to rectify the wrongs that have been dealt and continues to be regarded to as a norm.

I refuse to let racism breed and continue to exist in a society.

It wasn’t until recently that I had my first-hand experience with racism.

I was shocked and appalled by the actions of an individual, who knows absolutely nothing about me but was quick to cast judgment and make statements that do not define my person in any sense. It was hurtful and degrading to the point where I did not feel comfortable in my own skin or living environment. After reaching out and receiving assistance from individuals who are qualified and trained to handle situations such like this, I want to first say that I am appreciative and thankful for their help; however, I feel as if not enough was done to the point that the message that racism is not condoned or tolerated was understood to the degree that it should.

Words can only do so much.

My words cannot amount to the feeling of dread and distress that overcomes me at the thought and realization that I will always be seen by the color of my skin and not my capabilities of a human being. It saddens me that I will always be ranked second in a society that does not include me into their homogeneity. It infuriates me that I will never be respected and held to the same degree as others because of my racial background. It makes me question humanity and how we got to where we are in today’s society. It makes me think about what I can do to change the mindset and understanding of a society that normalizes the pain and hurt of others.

It makes me speak out instead or remaining silent.

However, I will never be ashamed of the color of my skin; but rather, I will work twice as hard as everyone else to showcase that I am the same and the only difference between them and I is my work ethic and determination.

I will not let racism poison me to the point where I give up and accept the code that society has created.









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